Tints used in a puja place. When it comes to temple space, make use of white, beige, lavender or light-yellow colour.

Tints used in a puja place. When it comes to temple space, make use of white, beige, lavender or light-yellow colour.

Ambience of a puja place

Enhance the temple with fresh blossoms. Light certain scent candles, dhoop or incense sticks, to cleanse the location and produce a divine atmosphere. Understand that hygiene such an area is actually most critical.

Avoid impure items in the puja area

Besides the items mentioned above, leather is another product definitely regarded impure. Pet skin really should not be put in the temple room. In addition, eliminate keeping money in the puja place. While it is maybe not impure, it is not thought about to save/store money in somewhere the place you search peace and blessings.

Greatest colour for a puja place according to Vastu

As mentioned previously, to maintain the peace of a puja space, Vastu Shastra states that discreet colors is better. Whites, light organization and pale yellow tend to be ideal. Stay away from dark colored tones in a puja place. since these will not give a feeling of calm which appropriate a prayer area. Similarly, utilize white marble or any light-coloured marble tiling for all the floor coverings of OH title loans your own puja area.

Points to remember when setting up a temple yourself

If you’re staying in a tiny apartment or if the design of the home doesn’t let Vastu-compliance for any residence temple, opt for the further greatest approach that may be worked out. North-east is the better way for a temple in your own home, because it enables day light. For the lack of day light, you can illuminate the puja area with artificial lighting additionally, particularly when really a space without windowpanes.

In which should the mandir go in an east-facing house?

In east-facing homes, the puja area should-be found in the north or eastern spot, so that one deals with either of the information while praying.

In which should the puja area be put in a north-facing residence?

Just the right area for a mandir inside your home was north-east. In such a case, try and ensure that you were facing the north or eastern, while hoping. Ensure that the puja area is not beneath the staircase or because of the bathroom wall structure.

In which should the puja place be put in a south-facing household?

Dont put the puja place during the south, due to the fact way are ruled by Yama, or even the Jesus of dying. It is best the roof of the puja area in your own home should really be by means of a triangle, to ensure a continuing flow of positive electricity.

In which should the puja room be put in a west-facing quarters?

In a west-facing house, the puja place should always be in the north-east of the home, since it is probably the most auspicious place. It is important to stabilize all of the five elements, if you’re in a west-facing home.


How to beautify solid wood temple at home?

Beautify the temple with new plants.

In which should we destination temple internal?

A temple positioned in the middle of the home – a spot that is known as the Brahmasthan – is considered to be auspicious and that can bring success and health for inmates. It’s also possible to position the temple from inside the north-east path.

Can we keep mandir in family room?

If an individual won’t have the space to set aside a whole area for any temple, one can install a small altar regarding the east wall.

Can we keep mandir in bedroom or cooking area?

Hang a curtain at the temple, when you’re staying away from the temple.

(With inputs from Sneha Sharon Mammen)

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